Spot -On Recommendations

Dr. Chow helped me so much! I finally found a health provider who makes the connections necessary with all my symptoms and explain them to me in terms that I understand. Her recommendations are spot on and she is very open to working with me about my existing supplements/medications and also my budget. If you've been to other doctors who try to push their supplements to you to increase sales, fear not because Dr. Chow does not do that. I recommend Dr. Chow very highly to those of you who are looking for natural and effective options to your health conditions and who are tired of bouncing from doctor to doctor. She is also very easily accessible by email/phone, which is definitely a plus!

A Great Listener

saw Dr. Chow for digestion and skin problems. We spent over an hour talking about my busy lifestyle, sources of stress, diet, etc. I felt that she was getting to know me and figuring out what I needed as an individual. She recommended supplements and natural products that pretty much "fixed" my health problem and brought overall improvement to my daily life. She's very sweet, kind, and such a great listener! She highly encourages you to keep in contact with her about any questions and concerns you may have out of the doctor's office. I would go back to her any time and I highly recommend her to anyone! 

Dr. Chow is AMAZING! 

She is so patient and does whatever it takes to help people with whatever issues they have. She's also such a good listener. I always look forward to my "Dr. Chow" time, it's one of the best parts of my week! I would recommend Dr. Chow to anybody - she's a wonderful doctor and her practices work wonders! 

Patient, Honest, and Attentive
C.L .

"I have had an anxiety disorder since childhood, with frequent panic attacks that have made day to day interaction very difficult, with this I have had digestive issues and all sorts of other things combined. I met Dr. Chow, through a recommendation from a friend. Dr. Chow, spent so much time with me, really exploring the deeper issues. She was patient, honest, attentive..."see full review

Rapid Recovery

"Since I was a teenager, I've had awful headaches, and in the past year and half, those headaches were coupled with a constant feeling of nausea. I began seeing Dr. Chow in April. I'd gone through several other doctors, but Dr. Chow has been the only doctor to prescribe medicines that actually work. I think this is because she doesn't just talk to you for five minutes, give you some pills and send you on your way..."see full review

Mysterious Illness Solved!

"I have seen Dr. Chow for 4 years now. Initially, I saw her because I had a mysterious illness that led me to go to the hospital for the last 5 years prior to working with Dr. Chow. Under Dr. Chow's care and expertise, I have not been to the hospital for my strange illness anymore. Dr. Chow figured out how to treat a condition that no other doctors figured out."

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